The best community outreach projects proposed by students of the five departments of the faculty have been awarded scholarships of 2,500 lei each, within the Swim for Excellence Campaign.

Students who received the excellence scholarships have used methods and tools learned in class in order to raise awareness and solve a series of community issues. One of the projects is thought to have an impact at national level, while the others are focusing on Cluj, Iara and Bihor:

  • a student aims to empower the citizens of Cluj-Napoca for decision-making in Cluj-Napoca City Hall via an online platform, while another student wants to increase the social responsibility of faculty and other ten NGOs from Cluj;
  • another project draws attention to social problems in Iara through various journalistic materials (photo reportages, surveys, interviews) and to find solutions to promote the village in order to create jobs;
  • another student promotes the importance of extracurricular activities for students through a competition that awards the most creative projects of this kind in schools in Bihor County;
  • another project, designed at national level, aims to help teenagers in Romania realize the negative effects of cyberbullying and provide with tools to manage the experienced harassments and reduce the phenomenon.

The money for the five scholarships were gathered by the involvement of 31 professors and students of FSPAC, who swam and raised funds at Cluj Swimathon 2014, organized by Cluj Community Foundation, and through the contribution of FSPAC Association.