OBJECTIVE: 35,000 dollars/year for the Alumni network and career counseling for students

FSPAC is a college of students educated to become leaders and change agents in their communities, by promoting democracy values, in addition to those linked to professionalism, responsibility, transparency, and ethics in all of their activities as future graduates. In order to make sure that the students of today influence the Romania of tomorrow, we want to offer them direct support in building a professional career, as well as keep them close to our college and our values, by means of a strong Alumni network.


Developing the Alumni Office

We aim to create an Alumni Office meant to develop the Alumni database, to keep in contact with them, to organize relevant events – especially for networking – for the alumni, to manage the post-graduate programs, while contributing to creating an advisory board for our college, made of our Alumni.

Objective: 17,500 dollars/year


Developing the Center for Career Counseling

A center of this kind should be present in each and every college; the one we intend to create would offer professional counseling, and soft-skills trainings for our students, as well as organize job fairs and maintain contact with potential employers for our students. We would like that the students in whom we invest resources and time along the study years, and who, for their part, invest time and energy in order to graduate from our programs, have access to the jobs for which they are trained in college and find the most fitting direction for developing their professional careers.

Objective: 17,500 dollars/year