OBJECTIVE: 40,000 dollars/year for outstanding performance scholarships and for increasing the student diversity

The student diversity, as well as their outstanding performance, contributes directly to enhancing the quality of the educational programs we offer. Also, developing mechanisms and programs which encourage high performance, professionalism, and responsibility abets us in training our students to become change agents and promoters of democracy, just like we want them to be.


Academic Excellency

We wish to create an annual competition meant to offer scholarships to our best students, those who excel through outstanding academic results, through involvement in research projects, as well as through volunteering activities carried out within the community.

Objective: 20,000 dollars/year (20 annual scholarships, of 1,000 dollars each)


Extracurricular Activities

In addition, we aim to initiate an annual competition meant to offer individual grants to students who wish to develop projects for community development or for research.

Objective: 5,000 dollars/year


Recruitment Program for Extra-community Students

Since we expect to enhance our student diversity, in addition to contributing to the democratization of other transition or developing countries, we have already laid the foundation of a recruitment program for extra-community students. In the following years, we aim to host over 200 students from countries outside the European Union, countries to which we can pass on our knowledge and experience of transition towards democracy. Thus, we need to convert this recruitment program into a professional one, which would allow us to promote our English study programs in countries of Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. Organizing an extra-community scholarship competition would help increase the interest towards our programs, as well as to enhance the quality of the applications submitted.

Objective: 15,000 dollars/year (including the study scholarships that will be offered annually to the best extra-community students)