OBJECTIVE: 50,000 dollars/year for developing research with high impact within the community, for developing the PhD program, and for enhancing the professional development of the teaching staff of FSPAC

The quality of the educational programs is given, above all, by the training and professionalism of the teachers and researchers of a college. Students can become change agents and leaders within their communities only with the help of well-trained professors, permanently connected to the latest developments in their area, to the reality of their communities and with a desire to continuously improve.


Annual Grants for Research

We aim to develop a grant program, offered annually for research to professors and researchers of FSPAC. Funds will go mostly towards research projects of high interest for the community, and which can be used as tools or frameworks by public institutions, companies and NGOs. These research projects will bring us closer to the community, in addition to encouraging competitiveness and professionalism among the researchers and professors of FSPAC who will enter the grant competition.

Objective: 15,000 dollars/year


A Competitive PhD program

We wish to have the best PhD students, keen on research and passionate about the field that they have chosen. Moreover, we aim to attract at our side research role models – graduates or professors from top universities of the Unites States and Western Europe – who are able to encourage high quality research and develop competitiveness among our PhD students. In addition, we want our PhD students to have access to the most recent academic research documents – books and academic journals.

Objective: 15,000 dollars/year


The Transatlantic Institute for Public Management and Sustainable Communities

The institute represents a strategic partnership with Michigan State University, an agreement which aims to develop an educational hub that will grant our institution enhanced access to the regional and international educational market. More specifically, we want to create a joint academic program meant to offer a double degree, which will lead to attracting a higher number of international students to FSPAC. Moreover, the institute grants the involvement in joint research projects, community development projects, and in training the public servants and elected officials. The institute has already been created and the first pilot-projects have been launched, yet we aim for our partnership’s activities to become sustainable, so that it can become an educational hub, especially for Central and Eastern Europe.

Objective: 10,000 dollars/year


Professional Development and Excellence Awards

We wish to invest in the professional development of the teaching staff of FSPAC, by creating a program through which financial support would be offered to the professors, so that they can take part in academic conferences, workshops, trainings, and post-graduate programs, as well as in exchanges with colleagues from colleges known as role models in teaching and research. In addition, we aim to encourage high performance by offering the faculty and researchers of FSPAC annual excellence awards to those who excel in teaching and research.

Objective: 10,000 dollars/year