At FSPAC, student involvement in the community is supported and rewarded with scholarships. A component of the FSPAC LEADS Fund Development Program, scholarships have been awarded starting in 2015 to students seeking to apply their skills and knowledge to helping their local communities, or to impact national policies through research.

In 2015, five students received scholarships, and a call for projects for the 2016 round will begin in March. Awards will be available for all FSPAC departments.

Previous student projects have helped teenagers to be aware of the negative effects of cyber-bullying, providing them with the tools to manage such harassment experiences. Projects have also promoted volunteer work and extra-curricular activities for high school students from Bihor county, organizing a contest for the most creative volunteer projects; developed an advocacy campaign, based on photo reportages, interviews, surveys, etc., raising awareness on social issues from a local community from Cluj County (Iara village); provided access to citizens to the decision-making process from Cluj-Napoca City Hall via an online platform; and developed and recommended social responsibility practices for FSPAC and some NGOs based in Cluj-Napoca.

These projects became a reality due to fundraising efforts made by 31 FSPAC faculty and students at Swimathon Cluj 2014, and thanks to the FSPAC Association’s financial support, which matched the funds raised through this event.

This year, more students can do good work in the communities, and put in practice their ideas of community involvement. The scholarships for 2016 are supported by the generous contribution of the first FSPAC LEADS supporters – Dr. and Mrs. Arno Loessner. The funds raised by FSPAC faculty and students at Swimathon Cluj 2015 and matching funds from FSPAC Association will also be used to support scholarships.