Here are some ideas on how you can be involved in the campaign The next 25 years of Romanian democracy start at FSPAC:

  • You can make a gift for one or more of the programs you like the most;
  • You can fully equip and furnish one of our research centers, media labs or an extra-curricular space, in exchange for naming any of them with your name or a person’s name whom you hold dear;
  • Create a scholarship for the best students and choose a name for it;
  • Support an annual research program;
  • Offer your financial support for our special Alumni events at FSPAC;
  • Contribute to the endowment fund of FSPAC, meant to offer stability and sustainability to the college and its programs.

For any question you might have, please contact us at We are happy to discuss and find together the most appropriate way of involvement for you, in order to make a real difference in the education of Romania’s future leaders and change agents.