The next 25 years of Romanian democracy start at FSPAC

We celebrate our first 25 years of democracy in Romania, in 2014. We ended the communist regime in 1989 and we began to build our democracy step by step. We had some successes: we became members of two important communities, European Union and NATO, we organized free elections, we ensured press’ freedom, we liberalized our economy and we started to teach our children about democracy, freedom of expression and community involvement. Because these were our first 25 years of democracy, we still have a lot to build for Romania and for us. We want to fight the systemic corruption, to further develop a modern, competent, transparent, efficient, and ethic public administration, to develop a strong and sound civil society, to guarantee press’ freedom, to establish a high-performance education system, and provide economic and political stability. We aim to be a model for other developing or in transition countries.

The next 25 years of democracy in Romania start today and I dare to say they start at the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, from “Babeș-Bolyai” University: with your great help, and based on our capability and willingness to educate the future generations of students, we feel prepared to assume the responsibility for the next 25 years of Romanian democracy. FSPAC has a unique position within the Romanian education system: through our Alumni we impact three state branches – legislative power, executive power, and the press, which is considered to be the fourth power of any democratic state. Thus, at FSPAC, we educate leaders and change agents for the Romanian political arena, for our government and public administration, for our free media, and for our business environment.

We can assume this great responsibility only if we strongly invest in the development of our college as an internationally competitive school, which uses Western European and US standards of performance. The Western model we already implemented in our school and the results we obtained with our first 10,000 Alumni give us the confidence that we can become a benchmark on the Central and Eastern European educational market. Thus, in the next five years, we want to substantially invest in four major programs: developing the school’s infrastructure; enhancing students’ academic excellence; supporting community-oriented research programs; and developing the alumni network and the career development center for students. Through all these programs we want to make sure that the democratic values we promote are carried forward in our Alumni’s professional lives.

Unfortunately, the financial resources we have available at the moment do not allow us to develop these major programs. The government’s investments in education are still low, and tuition fees are not providing the long financial sustainability we aim for. For these reasons, we want to build a fund development program with the help of private donors. This is our first fund development program, and the first fundraising program within the Romanian academic environment. Thus, we use a model developed by the main Western universities, which support and develop their educational and research programs with the help of generous donors – individuals, companies and foundations –, who consider education as the most valuable thing of one community.

Our plan for the next seven years is to raise over 1.1 million US dollars, funds that will be directly invested in the four main programs. We can develop high quality education and research programs only with the help of great people like you. Through the support provided to our programs, you join the most courageous fund development effort from Romanian academic environment, and you prove that the next 25 years starts today, with you.

Thankfully for your trust,
PhD. Prof. Călin Hințea
Dean of the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences
“Babeș-Bolyai” University