OBJECTIVE: 40,000 dollars/year for intelligent work spaces, advanced technology and other tools necessary for exceptional educational and research programs

The learning and research spaces, as well as those designed for extracurricular activities of FSPAC students need significant improvements, in order to come up to the Western standards. We aim to become competitive with other colleges in Western Europe and the United States, who carry on their activities in spaces that offer the best conditions and equipment required for learning and doing research at the highest level; however, beyond standards and competitiveness, we wish to offer our students, professors, and researchers intelligent, friendly work spaces, along with all the instruments required in order to jointly achieve exceptional academic results.

Spaces, Technology, and Equipment for Research

We want to invest in offices and research centers for researchers and MA/PhD students, as well as advanced research technology, books, and subscriptions to academic journals.

Objective: 15,000 dollars/year


Spaces, Technology and Equipment for Media Labs

We aim to improve the already existing media labs, while building TV, radio, and photo-video room, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which is already used by the media market – where our students will eventually seek employment.

Objective: 20,000 dollars/year


Spaces and Equipment for Extracurricular Activities

We aim to set up special spaces, fitted with the necessary equipment for the students’ extracurricular activities. At this point, our students are organized in more than 10 clubs, such as the club for applied research, the alpine club, photo and theater club, but do not benefit from the spaces and tools required in order to implement the projects that get them involved in the community, develop their creativity, their interaction skills, their responsibility towards the community, and those which help them implement what they have learned in class.

Objective: 5,000 dollars/year